Top 10 B2B Ecommerce Companies Change Your Perspective

Top 10 B2B Ecommerce Companies Change Your Perspective

Let us start with the scenario that if there is no E-commerce business what would have happened? Cool, it is just for imagination. If e-commerce does not exist there would be less business popping up in this scientific universe. And it is very hard to reveal every product that releases. We can promote it by ads but still, we can't spend the budget for individual products.

And the weird thing is we can't just order a product online by just eating a piece of burger. We need to visit the store and the collections must satisfy our needs and many other listings can be added in the row. Let us look after the B2B E-commerce Business and the top companies.

B2B E-commerce

E-commerce or electric commerce is the platform where we showcase the product to the customers.

B2B e-commerce is the transaction of orders between the businesses. For example, we can take the Alibaba group. Alibaba has thousands of products but where do they display the product to showcase and deliver the product to the vendor or customers.

Here comes the play of the E-commerce platform. It is an electronic platform to showcase our products to the business and customers.

E-commerce business finds a solution for all types of business. Here let's see about the B2B E-commerce business and the B2B e-commerce companies.

Top B2B E-commerce Companies

1.Amazon business

Hence amazon is a pillar of the world in recent times there is no need for much introduction.

Amazon is a multinational tech company.

Founder: Jeff Bezos

Founded: 5 JULY 1994, Bellevue, Washington, United States.

*Amazon provides various types of businesses here we see about B2B e-commerce.

*It is a wholesale market where we connect with the multiple companies for our businesses.

*They have a variety of products which have been showcased in the B2B e-Commerce Platform.

*Amazon serves more than lakhs of customers with their wholesale product.

*They have core products and lakhs of sellers all over the world. Also, they have covered almost 99%.

What do they serve?

*Amazon provides single solutions for B2B e-commerce like IT products, Industrial and MRO, Pantry products, Hospitality store, Office supplies,

*Also, they provide IT & services, Food & Hospitality, Education, Nonprofit, Other industries.

2. Alibaba

Alibaba is one of the most popular groups in this world.

Alibaba is a Chinese tech company.

Founder: Jack Ma

Founded: 4 April 1999, Hangzhou, China

Alibaba focuses on many streams like e-commerce, Internet, Retail, technology. They serve people many businesses but here we will see about the B2B e-commerce.

*Alibaba is mainly focused on E-commerce business. It has operated over 200 countries

*Alibaba made a huge difference in the market that is instead of going to the real market they have set the wide-area to just book a product by having a piece of burger.

*They are one the most highly growing e-commerce platform in this era. They sell all the products which we need.

What do they serve?

*They have the core as commerce, digital media, entertainment, and cloud computing.

3. IndiaMart

IndiaMART is an Indian online marketplace. It is one of the largest E-commerce platforms in India that provides B2B and in various sectors.

Founder: Dinesh Agarwal, Brijesh Agarwal.

Founded: 1996, India

IndiaMart is the platform where we find the product in the web portal. They provide in different industries as well.

*They are the platform to focus on mainly B2B e-commerce for the buyers or suppliers.

*From the buyer side they connect with sellers anytime and from anywhere they connect with them.

*It is a huge marketplace for all the manufacturing products as well.

*From the seller side, they provide the visibility of the products and credibility for the brands.

What do they serve?

IndiaMART serves all the manufacturing products for the business to business in every field.

4. Myntra

Myntra is a famous e-commerce business in the Fashion industry.

Founder: Mukesh Bansal, Ashutosh Lawania, Vineet Saxena

Founded: February 2007, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Myntra focus on the fashion industry. And their parent organization is Flipkart.

*Hence it is mainly focused on fashion they provide a variety of collections for Men, Women, and even for Kids.

*Myntra ultimate goal is to provide fashion and lifestyle so they have planned to serve the collections in clothing, footwear, jewelry, personal care products, and more.

*It is one of the unique shopping websites and it is very affordable at our fingertips and it suits our budget too.

* They give a chance to be one of the Myntra partners with the perks.

*It is one of the platforms which provides all the international brands for the users to enjoy their fashion peacefully.

5. Medline

Medline is based on life science and biomedical. It is the famous e-commerce platform for B2B e-commerce in the USA.

Founder: A. L's grandson Jim and Jon

Founded: 1910

Medline is a famous leading global health care. They provide quality medical and surgical supplies all over the world.

*They are in the field for almost 110 years. Medline has a strong belief in providing quality surgical.

*Medline is growing rapidly in the field of manufacturing in health care. They mainly focus on the quality of the products that can save people's lives in the medical sector.

*They value new ideas in the industry and they build the community with the buyers and sellers. And very determined to do for the customers.

* They have operations in over more than 27 European countries. They are globally very popular in the manufacturing field of medical and health care sector.

*Hence Mediline is in the market for more than 100years they know the needs of the customer and focus on customer's interest and save their lives in providing the services.


Quill is the largest E-commerce Site that provides office products.

Founder: Ed Bussey

Founded: 1956, Illinois, united states.

*Quill is an American office supply retailer. They have varieties of models for office setups.

*It is a user-friendly interface for the users. It is very easy to order the products as well.

*They provide various offers and coupons for the customers.

*Quill provides for small business to the large-scale industries. They easily identify the need of the customer and focus on customer satisfaction in the products.

*Also, they do many campaigns for the coupons and the offers.

What do they serve?

They serve products like Furniture, ink toner, paper, etc.

7. eWorldTrade

In the advanced world, eWorldTrade has started his B2B e-commerce business to give services to the people. Though there are many competitors they have set a new idea to compete in the business era.

Founder: Alex Martin

Founded: Mar 10, 2016. US

*eWorldTrade is one of the newly started businesses in the U.S. It is a business to a business platform where buyers and sellers trade at a secure and lucid marketplace.

*Positive of eWorldTrade is that they reduce the cost of high-quality products and make benefits for the buyers and sellers.

*Also, they provide free leads for the traders as a start with some endorsement.

*They provide a fast delivery option so that it is easy to commit with the customers.

What do they serve?

*They serve the categories like apparel, home appliances, machinery, Automobiles, etc.

8.Global Sources

The global source is an online marketplace. They have been here for 49+ years and they provide both online and offline business to business services.

Founder: Merle A. Hinrichs

Founded: 1971, Hong Kong, china

*They are the largest platform that serves the buyers and suppliers both online and offline. More than 1.5 + million buyers internationally.

*They provide the integrated marketing solution to build a huge corporate image.

*They update the product information at the right time when the buyers or suppliers need.

*Global sources focus on the quality of the product to the customers to have a long-term business in the competitive market.

9.Trade Wheel

TradeWheel is one of the online marketplaces and it is based in the USA and it is the fastest-growing company in the US.

Founder: Noman Javed

Founded: 2013

* Trade wheel is one of the leading b2b Online Marketplaces Business where they serve the daily basis products to the customers via buyers and suppliers.

*Their process is very simple and provides various variety of products. They bring a solution that is very innovative to the customers.

*They provide technology products at a reasonable cost when compared to other b2b business platforms.

*Also, they update the innovation to the users to get benefited from their products and for their businesses.

10. Import and Exports

Import and exports are the supreme business directory listing site. They have millions of products to find in an easy way as per their needs.

*Strengthens the business for the trader's worldwide.

* They provide international services also do the product market research to give more valuable products to the members.

*Also, can accelerate various leads through the given platform.

*Through the online directory they provide the easiest way to find the suppliers as well as buyers.

What do they serve?

They serve in sectors like Agriculture, Industrial supplies, Electronics, chemicals, and many more.

The bottom Line

These are some of the e-commerce companies in different areas. Also, many more industries are rapidly growing in the field of the E-commerce platform in the business. Many companies have been started their websites in E-commerce platforms.

Many small-scale or large-scale companies have an idea to reconstruct the website as per their need and to upgrade through the topmost design on the websites. some industries struggle in developing the e-commerce sites for their specific sectors.

No more worries here are the solution for all the e-commerce sectors. Smartstorez does for you and you just grow your business.

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