Create B2B E-Commerce Website To Overtake Your Competitors

Create B2B E-Commerce Website To Overtake Your Competitors

B2B vendors must sustain in the heavily competitive e-commerce business environment. B2B vendors take relevant measures or strategies to improve their website design and user experience to taste the fruit of success. B2B vendors must understand the necessity of owning an eCommerce website to reach the targeted audience easier.

Making your products displaying online alone is not enough to progress through a positive customer experience that attracts more users online and retains more buyers in your business. Apart from it, there are few important strategies to be followed to run ahead in the striking competition.

In the updated competitive B2B market domain, you must have felt the gap in the marketplace that makes you hold the opportunities stronger and makes your eCommerce Website attract huge customers that directs the way to overtake your competitors.

Our Smartstorez guides you with a strong handy kit to develop productive strategies for running the best B2B e-commerce website to succeed your competitors.


Research that analyzed 318 B2B eCommerce sites has concluded with five key advancement strategies for you to implement to stay ahead in the business competition. The 5 key steps are listed below,

  1. Mobile Responsive website

  2. Upload Product videos

  3. Product Ratings and Reviews

  4. Optimized mobile applications

  5. Enhanced Ecommerce functions.

Let us discuss them in detail with real examples for you to understand better.


As per Google’s report, the majority of B2B customers who experience quality mobile feedback are most likely to re-purchase again from the same B2B vendor whereas only half the crowd who report unpleasant mobile experiences will never buy again.

The majority of the B2B customers are directly using their mobile devices to reach a business, in this case, it's critical if your website lacks a mobile-optimized experience. If it persists it reduces the bounce rate too. Mobile responsiveness improves the SEO ranking of your site as per Google's algorithm.

Since a large percent of the population are active mobile users, they love to reach business via mobiles. So, make sure your website must be easily reachable and should load easily on their mobiles.

As a B2B vendor, you must sit and concentrate on the ways to optimize your website to offer a customer-friendly experience. Any customer must feel smooth to run your website on their phones.

The mobile responsive optimization ways are technical processes and they are listed below for your reference,

  • Improve page load time(speed). Check the ways to enhance the speed of website loading time in the backend

  • To minimize page scrolling, set the important information right at the top of the page. This makes viewing easier and this is applicable for calls-to-action also.

  • Check readability and clarity of all the text and images on mobile devices respectively.

  • There is an option called Small screen friendly. Check the ways to switch to the same by formatting your content to "small screen friendly" and ensure the links, buttons, and fields in the website are "thumb-friendly" to click and use from mobiles.

  • Develop modernized ways to checkout flow to reduce the amount of information needed to fulfill a transaction.

  • Emphasize more on mobile-friendly features like tap-to-call, location services, geo-fencing, and autofill options.


Videos give a fast and easy reach to customers. They talk lively about your business and give more ideas about your B2B E-commerce Sites to users. Videos are becoming a popular channel to advertise more about your e-commerce business stream. Videos are the main reason for any sales to increase, they gift you trustworthy customers, gear up search engine ranking, and attract mobile users. Videos are the main reason to keep us engaged with our website visitors.

Half the percent of global marketing professionals consider video an important element for content formatting. They return you the highest ROI which is a credit to any B2B e-commerce business. If you check, most of the successful e-commerce websites run a video for catching user attention. Although, only 20% of B2B eCommerce Website launch videos to sell their products both online and offline.

The below steps tell you the profits of attaching videos to your B2B marketing website.

  • Educate yourself on creating videos with relevant and informative content since most viewers look for valued content quality

  • Give some space for demo videos on your website to display your products for customer view.

  • The content updated on your website must be in the intent of storytelling to attract and cover a large group audience.

  • Your customer's testimonial videos can be recorded by engaging with them and further you can upload them on your website and social media.

  • Produce educational videos for your new customers instructing the ways on how to utilize your products to ensure customer retention.

Optimized technical work will direct a huge profit for any e-commerce business.


Positive and negative feedback are casual in any business. But it matters the way you present it on your website. You always don't need to receive positive reviews from customers. There might be chances for any negative reviews too. It matters how you accept the negative review and post it on your website.

You must showcase your progress irrespective of its score on your website. It will lead to a great might to your business, that is customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

All B2B Business E-commerce Website Designs are focused on creating an individual position for these ratings and reviews. They are a mandatory part of the website. 78% of website viewers trust your business after seeing your post of the negative review too. They gain the confidence to trust your business by seeing the reviews and ratings, be it any positive or negative.

More than recommendations and verbal notifications, People tend to trust your website displayed ratings and reviews. Because displaying social proof has the power to build trust and increase loyal conversions.

The below are some tips for showing product ratings and reviews for your website.

  • Give chance for customers or visitors to sort reviews concerning relevance, date, and category

  • Give space for customers to write their detailed reviews on your website by opting for a lengthy tab option

  • Smartstorez strongly believes in this aspect. Display negative reviews without any hesitation, which helps to increase trust among all types of customers.

  • Generate post-purchase email reminders to remind your customers about reviews.

  • Encourage customers to leave a review in all forms.

As updated before, Reviews and ratings are an integral part of developing websites. This also acts as an important strategy for attracting customer traffic too.

Remember, any customer who visits your website will straightaway search for the Reviews section only.


Your technical team may also advise you to develop your business mobile app by following their suggestions. It's all for your well-being -- your customers can reach you directly and efficiently by your mobile app. This mobile app also enables customers from their fixed location to order products from your online store. This can minimize friction and increase conversion rates by smoothening the shopping experience.

This is a great opportunity for vendors who want to shine as a leader in the B2B eCommerce domain, as only 13% of the business offer mobile apps to their customers. Many leaders in the B2B e-commerce industry develop their dedicated mobile apps for their business for enhancing the relationship among their customers.

Smartstorez lists few techniques to optimize your B2B mobile app:

  • Develop a trusted and lively app for smoothening user experience.

  • Apply push notification options, but never take them for granted.

  • Consider taking a CRM component in your app to improvise customer communications and hence delivering a personalized experience.

  • Remember! Your mobile app is your marketing tool. So, ensure you deliver an astounding experience from scratch.

  • Permit users to customize their experience by designing a personalized dashboard.

Mobile apps and Mobile features are very important technical features for developing B2B e-commerce sites.


Nowadays, modern B2B customers want the capability to "self-service". That is they want to manage their account, investigate the details of their favorite product, and make an order whenever and wherever they want.

B2B customers value your website's modernized features that enable them to do their respective jobs faster. Smartstorez lists a few advanced features that are necessary for any e-commerce website to carry. These functionalities provoke usage comfort to all customers and make them revisit your website frequently.

The important e-commerce functionalities for a website are described below,

Save cart: Add to cart and save it for future use is what customers are expecting now. Among the 318 websites surveyed, only 35% of websites permit their customers to save the shopped items in their carts. Anyway, this is a mandatory feature to be updated on your website that reminds customers to pick up where they left off. This should work even if they try to switch devices. This feature helps to reduce the cart abandonment rate.

Bulk search: Allowing to choose multiple products to add to cart at a time is called Bulk search. But only 55% of the websites hold the bulk search function. This helps to simplify the shopping process, which saves time and makes it easier for customers to shop more and more from you, and thus increase the Average Order Value (AOV) in business.

Re-order list: Your regular customers reorder the same items frequently. By enabling an option Re-order list facilitates your customers to reorder processes and thereby increase the Customer lifttime value (CLV) to run a profitable business.

Customer support: Customer support is a must in any Online E-commerce Business. Customer support is the backbone for running an online business. They help engaging customers' queries and wants and help them with the source to provide them the same. Customers can reach them through calls, emails, and even chats. But make sure this technical support team answers their questions right away.

Payment options: Include as much as payment gateways for customers to make payment efficiently. Other than debit card and credit card payment there are multiple ways for easy money transfer. So include functionalities like ACH/e-check, e-procurement (punchout), purchase order, and extended credit.

The above-explained key facilities must be considered for building the best B2B e-commerce sites.


B2B customer expectations are fast-paced and getting trendy from time on time. So the only option is to deliver an outstanding eCommerce experience to survive in this competitive world and thereby overtaking your business competitors. The ways are explained easily above but the key skill is one and only - developing technically and powering more in it.

Adding these strategies empower you to develop the best B2B Ecommerce websites.