5 Tips To Improve Customer Traffic To Your E-Commerce Website

5 Tips To Improve Customer Traffic To Your E-Commerce Website

Anyone who starts an online e-commerce store will aim for long term success. There’s nothing wrong in aiming high but aim high with right and updated plans. Usually, online marketplace owners plan a well-designed sketch before approaching. These plans and methods are created to usually gain more customers to visit our website. This paves the way to success. Because in any kind of business Customers remain the King. High customer count determines the success of our business. In technical terms, customer count is mentioned as customer traffic and website traffic. So, Our Smartstorez has clearly stated 5 well-defined plans to improve the customer traffic of any E-commerce Website.

Before starting your e-commerce website for online business, have this as a handy kit to check website traffic and process more ahead.


Smartstorez lists the 5 attractive measures to improve customer traffic to your e-commerce website.

  1. Build a beautiful store

  2. Social media interference

  3. Customer care support

  4. Build promos

  5. Mail marketing

Any customer would be attracted to a unique and attractive business website. The features of the business website make the customer visit and revisit multiple times. You know what, Customer Recommending our business to their near and dear play a majestic role in expanding a business. In simple terms, people simply talking about our business in public, makes our business results deliver to a greater extent and expands our customer community normally.

Now let us discuss the above-listed ATTRACTIVE tips in detail.


As the saying goes, the Face is the index of the mind. An overall glance of look will definitely estimate the business core features and values. So the very first thing, you must make your official business website look attractive and beautiful.

The term build a beautiful store will sound enthusiastic but that is the most crucial step to the process. Not because it's just an initial step, but usually it needs a lot of design inputs and values. Creative thinking and innovative ideas flourish this step more strongly. And a general fact we are submitting here as per our research. Be it any kind of customer, their 3 seconds of glance to your website determines their retention towards your business website longer.

Yes, First Impression is the best impression. And if your website design is not appealing, then they will usually move to the next one and they will no longer look back again.

Hence, research more and more about the website structure, design, and look and come to a strong conclusion about building a beautiful store online that attracts customer traffic more.


In this digital era, Social media plays a magnificent role in attracting millions of customers to your website. Just think of it, who doesn't own a social media account now? So, still, if you own any social media account like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can directly start your business thereby posting your business posts, newsfeed and ads over there. Your distinct business account in social media will have millions of followers based on your online store attractiveness and product design and its count.

In general Social media is a tool for online traders to attract huge customer traffic towards them.

And it brings a lot of benefits too.

Social media interference is providing marvelous content and success to its distributors. All your ideas and thought process have to be interesting and outstanding, so that trusted and loyal customers will follow you and customer retention will be thus maintained. If you manage to set that, then you own a great marketing channel at no financial expense. But there are a few steps you have to actually follow in social media to attract a heavy base of customer traffic.

They are,

  • Upload your posts or videos regularly at least daily, so that your customers won't forget you (but post only relevant content!)

  • Be engaged with your users: give enough space in your design to ask them queries, and check if any user comments, and immediately reply to them. Always try to catch their attention!

  • Opt for the best social media channels to promote your E-commerce Business, but always be connected on Facebook and Instagram, because those drive most of the traffic to online stores (FB: 50%; Instagram: 50%). Answer to this question alone. Who isn't attracted to social media nowadays?

  • Modify your posts with graphics because the posts with images and designs usually get attracted 50% more than the other normal posts.

If your business is more estimated, then a separate graphic designer could be hired for managing and handling the above-mentioned activities.


Customer care helps your website be more supportive and efficient. Have an idealistic thought in mind. The satisfied client's feedback acts as an excellent promotion for business improvement sustaining the heavy competition. Create a lively customer shopping experience online and make it a remarkable positive feel for the customer. A US research proved that 45% of US consumers will completely terminate an online transaction if their queries or concerns aren't quickly addressed.

This openly implies that you must instantly reply to customer inquiries and questions if you want to have a positive impression. And timely responses are the key feature to success concerning this matter.

Hence, Never underestimate or misjudge the impact of customer care. Customer care is the one that keeps your business moving technically. A McKinsey research revealed that 70% of online shopping experiences are based on how they feel on your website. And also Customer care task is not that simple – people are double time eager to share negative comments rather than positive impressions.

It is also said that a single negative comment can shade out all your 100 positive customer experiences. Because negativities always have a long reach. Hence, make sure all your clients get satisfied with the service you provide.

The ultimate work of customer care is to help, support, and talk to customers if they reach. Make sure all their calls and emails are getting addressed. Maintain a friendly tone while addressing customer issues in the call. Even a small harsh or rough tone will make customers quit your service.

If your service is large, then it's good to employ those number of customer care executives to address customer issues and queries. Because you should never miss a single call. Each call or query is very important for moving a business.

If there is strong communication between service providers and customers in the review section, then customers will be tempted to enquire more about your service which results in more customer traffic to your online website.


Somehow or the other, you have to make customers shop in your online Marketplace Business store. Create as many strategies to work that out. One such powerful strategy is promos on offers and discounts. Any shopping freak will definitely love promos and discounts. They’ll surely stimulate a positive expression when they hear the words “Free”, “Discounts” and “Offer”. This makes them more attracted and checks in to your website.

Now discover how to use it in your online store to attract clients? You get the answer by offering the clients free-shipping.

Few stores set shipping prices to a fixed amount and add that to the service amount. Be distinct from them. Provide free shipping service with no second thoughts. Compared to that shipping charge, you'll find more profit added to your account.

Alternative way but an important step is to deliver discount coupons online. Distributing them to new clients can increase their stimulus to shop their first purchase in your store. Provide some mind-blowing at the same time innovative coupons like Buy 3, get fourth for free” or the “second item 45% off”. All of these ideas will make your clients feel exceptional and cheers them up to shop in your store.


E-mail marketing is a powerful marketing strategy to bring more customers to your online store. It is indeed a cheap and effective solution to attract huge customers. An Epsilon Branding Survey says that 54% of online shoppers are likely attracted to companies that send them e-mail notifications about their services. And 71% of shopping freaks stated that when they see a shopping notification that a company sends them, they get started from their place immediately to shop. The above-mentioned key-results confirm the worth of email marketing.

But what actually can you do uniquely? Follow the common ideas in email marketing as strategies.

  1. send emails about new products arriving at your online store.

  2. send mails about sales types and promos uploaded

  3. send mails about similar or recommended products after purchase so that people will have a look at those notifications and get a new idea to purchase another product.

  4. Filter the in-active clients who haven't visited your online store for a while and send emails to them with attractive discount coupons to make them visit your website again.


From the above, you can conclude with one fact. You don't need millions to spend to attract clients to visit your online store. Instead, you can stay to be more creative and innovative in E-commerce Website Design to know which style you opt to attract customers to visit your online store and thereby increase your website traffic.

We are updating a general fact here, Alexa website ranking is a standard feature that checks all the global websites and ranks them for customer traffic. Your online e-commerce website must be designed according to rank at the top when compared to your competitors.

In short, Alexa traffic rank is a measure of website popularity.

Hope you grasped the knowledge now about Alexa ranking and Alexa traffic rank, Hence go ahead and start with the steps to promote your online store and service!

Be a trendsetter in online shopping service and go way ahead and you will rock it! Good luck!