Check out why your Explainer Video landed up as a Failure

Check out why your Explainer Video landed up as a Failure


We've met many folks in the animated explainer video industry over the years who have encouraged us to believe that animated explainer videos don't work. Because our explainer videos have enormous benefits for a wide spectrum of enterprises, our expertise has given us something truly unique.

After reviewing a large number of Animated Explainer Video firms, just a few people admit that they did not work correctly when creating 2D explainer videos. A bad advertising marketing explainer video might result from a variety of animated explainer videos. We should hypothesize along these lines. You've spent time and money creating an animated explainer film for your company, but it's not delivering the expected results. Is that your situation? Don't start with the assumption that they don't work; truth be told, Product Explainer films provide tremendous benefits for a wide spectrum of businesses.

Many elements can cause explainer video production to perform poorly, and we've discovered them all. So, if you agree with these people's viewpoints, let us show you why you're incorrect (and the video making tips you can do to fix your explainer video).

Always develop high-quality content that is tailored to your potential customers:

At the end of the day, credible content serves as the foundation for your entire explainer film. Many people are unaware of the significance of the first step. It's the first step in a perplexing process; similarly, the first step in any journey should be a sturdy one. You're in trouble if the explanation video doesn't catch your eye just as you walk out the door. People are easily distracted, so the material in animated explainer films must be excellent.

By tying together beautifully crafted hinders that convey a strong message, an elegantly composed explainer video can keep its viewers engaged from the beginning to the finish.

Your explainer video's entire plot should make sense:

A good piece of material will determine not only how the explainer film is put together, but also what is kept and what is removed. Given the circumstances, this is perhaps the most difficult activity. This is a massive problem. As time passes, the audience's attention span becomes shorter and shorter, therefore if you don't send a clear message to the audience, you'll most likely lose them in a matter of seconds. In this case, precision is essential. You must characterize what you need to say and ignore the rest. Keep it brief. Be succinct. Be quick to respond.

There should be a compelling motive for viewers to watch the entire explainer animation:

There are a few markers that will jump directly before pre-preparation of the explainer video, such as revolting rendering, silly characters, and poor shooting methods that are progressively hard to pinpoint when detecting a low-quality animated explainer video. To aid with recognizing all of these concerns, you should have a high-quality explainer film, credible assumptions, and professional assistance. While creating the animated explainer film, you need to be quite cautious.

An animated explainer video is about who you are as a brand, rather than just demonstrating what you can do. It's all about how you want to be perceived. It's all about the qualities, voice, and motivation of your organization. We know getting it on an explainer video is a challenge, but it's one worth doing because otherwise, you'll end up looking like everyone else.

Emphasize the audience's requirements:

The most important ways to build your animated explainer films are to use them in paid commercials, share them on social media, and link them to your blog entries. At the same time, there's a frequently overlooked way to make it shine a little brighter and get it on your site's landing page. Finally, don't put your organization's film in a place that only very few people will look at. Transform it into the focal point, and watch as visitors begin to devote more time to your Ecommerce Website.

Is your content written by a professional?:

The tale of an explainer video should be logical and follow three stages: a product/service introduction, an explanation of the product/services, and a conclusion. Many people don't grasp the value of good content, and they seek to manipulate the market in whatever way they can with money and time.

Any product explainer film, whether it's motion graphics or a whiteboard explainer video, should have effective content. All things considered, creating an animated explainer film is an unexpected process including a slew of processes, each of which is anchored by the content. The animated explainer film will be built on content, with sound specialists, voice performers, and makers filling in the gaps.

Is your explainer video too long, or does it contain a lot of information?:

If your animated explainer film incorporates a lot of extra info, it should have fulfilling content that says everything about the product in a short amount of time. That will be a mistake, and your film will become unnecessarily long and exhausting as a result. A good general rule of thumb is to keep your explanation films around two minutes long. The two-minute film has been conclusively demonstrated, and after two minutes, people will lose interest and stop watching the explainer video. 

If you're having trouble deciding which data should be kept and which should be deleted, you should entrust the task to professionals, as in the case of Smartstorez professional animation experts.

A good product explainer film is about the target audience, their problems, and how the company can help. An effective explainer film must capture the audience's attention from the first few seconds and provide a clear message.

Make a decision based on your target audience's preferences:

Because an animated explainer film is excellent marketing content, you must do more than simply upload it to your YouTube channel. YouTube is very remarkable; in fact, about 7 billion explanatory videos are seen on YouTube every day. Except if you need your animated explainer video to be successful, this isn't enough; you must distribute your video throughout all internet platforms. 

Use them to make paid promotions, for example. Because they grab and hold your audience's attention, explainer videos make for amazing promotions. You should also post your animated explainer video across all of your social media channels, as explainer videos are shared 1400% more than material and images combined. When you link your explainer video to your blog and create an email marketing technique that includes an explainer video thumbnail in the email body, your navigate rates increase by 10%!

Is the quality of your explainer video the finest it can be?:

In any event, you have solid content, and having a low-quality video is not just a waste of money; it also affects your image: low-quality film leads to low-quality assistance. The trick is to surround yourself with a fantastic team of specialists that can create a fantastic explainer film for your firm.

You'll need employees who have worked on Video advertising explainer before, from content authors to artists and editors. Low-quality videos should be ignored. The poor depiction, crappy video techniques, and bizarre characters will not get you ahead.

The final reason why your animated explainer film isn't functioning as well as it should be at this point in its development. For the finest results, you'll need the top professionals at every stage of the event. You'll need to collaborate with persons that have the most experience and are familiar with product videos and recommended methods. However, that isn't enough; you must collaborate with them, assist them, and educate them about your product/services to achieve excellent results.

Last but not least, Set your Target Audiences:

Make a point of concentrating on whom you're selling to. You don't talk to anyone when you talk to everyone. In one video, don't try to speak to the entire world with the same tone and message. Even if you have a product or service that genuinely anybody can benefit from, you need to connect with your audience, which you can't accomplish if your message is too wide. Make your message as specific as possible. Know your audience, their pain spots, and provide them with what they're seeking in a way that they'll listen to. It's also necessary to anticipate their mood and routines.

Let's imagine your product is aimed at helping businesses grow. You'll then want to post your video on LinkedIn because people who are on LinkedIn are already thinking about business and looking for new chances. They'll be primed to be receptive to new business tools that will help them improve their position.

If your message or product is about having a good time (entertainment, gaming, etc. ), you should target platforms where people are having a good time, such as Instagram or Snapchat. Facebook is a social networking site for friends and family. If you have a successful explainer videos that promotes your business as something that makes a fantastic present, Facebook is a great place to post it. 


If you only remember one thing from this post, it should be that your explainer video is just like any other marketing tool. You're missing a great potential if it just sits there. There are a lot of methods and explainer video tips to get the most out of your explainer video. Hence, please don't hesitate to organize a meeting with one of our Smartstorez professional Animators; we're always happy to provide a free consultation for all animation services.