Top 5 Art Handicrafts of Multi Vendor Marketplaces in India

Top 5 Art Handicrafts of Multi Vendor Marketplaces in India


India is a real art and handicraft powerhouse. India's handicrafts have awed everyone since the beginning of time because the country is endowed with a rich cultural heritage.

Miniatures of Rajasthan, Kalighat of Bengal, Marble art in Agra, Shell handiwork in Odisha, and many other indigenous handicrafts specialties can be found in almost every region of the Nation. Aside from these traditional arts, many artists are skilled at creating exquisite crafts and artwork.

And this demand isn't just confined to India; it's on the rise all over the world. By the end of 2020, the country's handicraft exports are expected to reach US$ 5.50 billion. Let's look at the export of different segments of the market.


A one-of-a-kind Multi-vendor Marketplace is with a mission to bring the beautiful artistic handicrafts of the glorious world of handmade goods to light. Let's look at some of the top marketplaces of Handicraft and art and that is surely one of the most rewarding businesses in trend. If you are also trying to explore a profitable business opportunity, then consider this art and handicraft online marketplace store as your primary option. 

Have a look at India’s top 5 traditional Art and Handicrafts multi-vendor marketplaces that emerged high after eCommerce development.

  1. Craftsvilla

  2. QTrove

  3. Coppre

  4. ArtyOwl

  5. The India Craft House 


The company has launched an online marketplace to remove middlemen and increase the livelihood of local designers and artisans. Made its debut in 2011, CraftsVilla has witnessed phenomenal growth due to its wide range of ethnic apparel, footwear, fashion accessories, beauty products, handcrafted home accessories like plastic bottle handicrafts, and other products. The company has showcased over 4 million products online and holds more than 25,000 artisans onboarded with them.


It's an online store of selected natural and sustainable goods. The company does not market mass-produced products and instead carefully chooses its vendors. QTrove specializes in handcrafted wood and acrylic coasters that give a unique touch to tables. The business has achieved massive success in the industry by leveraging a niche.

Qtrove is a curated marketplace that showcases and sells natural and organic goods from enthusiastic entrepreneurs all over the country. We're here to help you live a cleaner, stronger, healthier, and more sustainable life. Their goods are all-natural, organic, and exclusive, enhancing the well-being and social currency of today's discerning customer. Qtrove accomplishes this through its illustrious network of affiliate vendors.


This business began more than a decade ago, and by 2014, it had evolved into a social enterprise. Coppre collaborates with metal artisans to reimagine traditional forms while inspiring modern homes and lifestyles. It contributes to the benefit of artisans and heritage crafts while also generating significant business profits over time.

Their products are cultural carriers. By using the traditional handcrafting technique, as well as artisanal skills and know-how, they design new items for today's homes and lifestyles. At the heart of work is a design process that considers trends and end-user convenience while maintaining traditional handcrafting. The authenticity of raw materials is checked. Cleaning, lacquering for non-food products, and adequate packaging and presentation complete the process. 

They also work with artisans and designers till the completion of production designing. 


This company was created in 2016 to revolutionize the online arts and handicrafts market. This Multivendor Ecommerce Marketplace aims to showcase handcrafted treasures on a private platform. The platform also has a large number of dedicated artisans who work with a variety of materials such as wood, paper, ceramics, leather, glass, cork, metals, and so on.

A one-of-a-kind marketplace with a mission to bring the beautiful hidden gems of the glorious world of handmade goods to light. allows artisans and designers to display, sell, and purchase their work online on a marketplace of niche exclusive products from around the world, for the world.

Artisans on work with a variety of raw materials such as ceramic, wood, paper, wrought iron, glass, and cork to produce works of art that are not only a visual delight but also a pure expression of the Artist's passion for creating such beautiful works of art.


In the year 2013, this multi-vendor marketplace was founded as a social enterprise. This company's mission was to provide a reasonable forum for artisans all over the world. Home décor, women's apparel, corporate gifts, and bags are among the store's most famous categories. A social enterprise dedicated to building a global, fair trade network that features a diverse range of Indian craft and supports artisans throughout the world. 

They serve a wide range of customers, from a national, online audience for retail purchasing to specific bulk buying needs of a diverse range of corporate and institutional customers, event organizations, and occasion-specific requirements. They also collaborate with artisans and craft-focused organizations. Self-help organizations, social enterprises, and businesses that employ craftspeople.

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