Top 5 Jewelery of Multi Vendor Marketplace In India

Top 5 Jewelery of Multi Vendor Marketplace In India


Choosing Jewellery is a special kind of art. Be it any kind, Gold or Diamond, feeling the touch of jewels, examining its carat and quality, and buying it is an extraordinary art. Taking up the jewelry sale online is serviced by only trusted and branded Jewellers around the globe. Setting up a jewelry Multi-vendor Marketplace is a bit challenging because all it needs is the trust and belief from customers.

Nowadays, Most of the shopping decisions now start with browsing the internet or just swiping the mobile and hence the Jewelry industry is not an exception with this. The forthcoming online shopping trends will face a drastic change significantly with the massive shift in online jewelry b2b marketplace shopping.

We have come from a time where holding gold personally is considered an investment officially. Also owning precious jewels is considered dignity till now. So, Online jewelry sales have come a long way crossing these ideologies from the past. Our classical country has its revolution to a greater extent and so is its market growth too.

Today’s common people are not dependent on their family jewelers because their younger generations don't have the adaptability to it. Their taste and choice differ from their previous generations. Smartstorez updates the teens' taste right here in this blog. You know what, This generation wants a calculative record of jewel designs as a catalog to choose and make a final decision on buying. Note here that online jewelers have every set to match your unique requirements whereas normal traditional jewelers make you get fixed for the set of products available with them.

But now, the trend has changed as updated earlier. A set of actual online jewelry business people carry out the online marketplace environment very effectively. Their profit is shared online from the customer's end and this massive profit made them go one step ahead to business worldwide in jewelry.

One classic example of the above scenario is Craftsvilla online shopping jewelry. Craftsvilla jewelry designs are set up in their own online marketplace store.

And now, You will be seeing the top 5 online jewelry dealers who have become successful in trading online and have earned trust and belief among customers in the next section.


The below is the list of the top 5 jewelry multi-vendor marketplace in India.







CaratLane is the leader of an Online Multi-vendor Marketplace Platform that supplies the largest collection of gold and diamond jewels. It has over 4,000 global dealers throughout the industry. With the partnership with Tanishq and bringing the innovative note to the public like “try at home”, the company had a breathtaking growth in the last 10 years. originally began in 2008 setting a simple motto of democratizing jewelry. And today, after 13 glorious years, it has been recognized as the topper among 20 e-commerce portals in India. CaratLane has also established 100 stores across the majority of areas of India.

Attaining the security first, CaratLane checks that every transaction made on the online portal is safely smooth for the customers. To achieve this, the company follows strict transparency and genuine policies throughout the whole shopping journey of the customer.

For your further information, all CaratLane products come with certification from international jewelry laboratories, and an idea of a 15-day-return policy.

CaratLane provides the dainty craftsmanship work of magnificent jewelry designs such as rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, chains, bangles, bracelets, and nose pins.

This dedication to work ethics and their astounding jewelry design collections made them reach the paramount in their service.


Candere is the utmost branded Multi-vendor Marketplace and Shopping Website. It was founded recently in 2013 but gained popularity very soon. In 2013, Rupesh Jain an IT engineer from Mumbai started his own business journey, with a commitment to divert the world of offline jewelry to online jewelry practice.

Actually, he started Candere for those who loved to shop online. He later modified Candere, an online website to bring uncompromising jewelry quality and iconic craftsmanship.

He also made his vision more strengthened with the idea of bringing a perfect online showroom with updated customizations, something that was different during that time too in the offline world.

They have changed and broken the myth, “Diamonds are only for Rich” and made diamonds affordable for everyone.

They have hosted their own workshops on the creation of trendy and holistic jewelry designs. On the other hand, they also deal with famous retailers and have collections from Kalyan Jewellers.

Soon after their birth, in 2014 Candere created a 1.1 Crore turnover and submitted a diverse catalog of 1000+ jewelry designs, and settled with a fully functional e-commerce website.

Its collaboration with Kalyan Jewellers paved the way for them to bring iconic collection brands to the public.


Bluestone company was founded in the year 2011 and became very famous because of its unique selling plan – “Try it before you buy it”. The company has a miraculous offer to its customers that is bold enough for any online jewelry trader. That is they’ve launched the “Try at home” service to the customers. This remarkable idea from Bluestone made them reach the milestone in a shorter span of time. They also do customization services for jewelry designs.

BlueStone is India's leading online multi-vendor marketplace destination for high-quality fine jewelry with perfect exquisite designs. Bluestone aims to revolutionize the fine jewelry and lifestyle in India with a determined focus on craftsmanship and trusteeship. In a very short span of time, BlueStone has built a large community of loyal consumers in India and around the globe.

They are all set to work with their award-winning design team who pay great attention to detail and make sure each of their products is a symbol of perfection.


Tanishq collaborated with the iconic Tata company and shines as one of the most popular brands in the online multi-vendor marketplace. The company has gained vivid popularity because of its stylish and trendy designs that can be purchased directly from the website. The company is growing in giant strides with its wide range of fashion jewelry. This Bangalore based company has branches all over the world and has trusted customers from local cities. Tanishq Diamonds has its own uniqueness and is branded for its quality.


Melorra is a famous Online E-commerce Marketplace brand for gold jewelry in all shades. Particular ones are yellow, rose, and white shades. White gold reached people through their marketing effort. The company has partnered with almost all technically advanced manufacturers worldwide. Melorra manufactures its jewelry for different occasions like formal designs, parties, casual wear, light, antique and contemporary, etc.

Its solitary designs attract a large community of customers worldwide and it has its trusted family as a customer community.

Melorra delivers your chosen products to your doorstep, with its certifications and hallmark brands as proof. They also come with a lifetime exchange policy for their customers. This particular policy gained more popularity and a trusted name to them.

Melorra is renowned in this way and has a large showcase of its exclusive designs in its offline and online showroom.

If you already own a jewelry store or waiting to start an afresh multi-vendor marketplace then the below amazing idea is for you.

You can have the listed advantages to start an online multi-vendor marketplace.

-Lower Investments

-Business Automation

-Reduced Risks

-Large showcase of products

-Eliminating Inventory management

-Better profits

NOTE: If you own an online multi-vendor marketplace, you can have considerable space to showcase and display your products online. Many options will be available for you to showcase a large variety of exclusive designs. The workspace will be more since you design your online marketplace store.


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