Top 10 Proven E-Commerce Trends To Grow A Strong Business

Top 10 Proven E-Commerce Trends To Grow A Strong Business

One has to follow a certain set of principles in the technology stack to grow any kind of business, either online or offline. Those will remunerate the business results in the future. Many traders who are successful in offline business start their online business following the latest e-commerce trends. Few switch to online business depending on its effortless strategy.

Anyhow, if you plan to start a business online, follow the listed principles in the form of a technology stack to grow your profit more. They are the proven e-commerce product trends to regularize your online trade.

  1. Superior Mobile sales

  2. Website Design focused (speed)

  3. Augmented Reality(AR)

  4. Automated e-Commerce Logistics

  5. Featured e-commerce Themes

  6. Social Commerce

  7. Flexible payments and Faster Check-outs

  8. Multi-channel organization

  9. Headless eCommerce

  10. Omnichannel experience

Smartstorez explains the above tactics in detail for you to build a Customer-Friendly E-commerce Business.


Everyone owns a smartphone now, which led to the productive birth of mobile selling attributes. As per the 2019 statistics, 75% of e-commerce sales depend upon the mobile device that grows in the future. To the businessmen out there, this is the right time to make your website mobile friendly and engage this time to develop an e-commerce mobile app. Before you question us to the above statement, here we provide 2 wealthy answers for adopting mobile commerce.

  • Flexible Mobile Payments: You integrate multiple mobile wallets to process online transactions as per users’ convenience very quickly

  • Retain Loyal Customers: Increase customer loyalty by implementing a customer loyalty program, where you can allot discount points and make your customer purchase from your e-commerce mobile app. The strategy behind this is your happy customers will recommend the app to their friends, or submit a positive review, etc. This directly increases your business result, where you can improve sales and profit.

Smartstorez predicts the future of mobile ecommerce that is going to be more productive and positive.

Additionally, all the live websites powered by Smartstorez will look, feel and work as mobile apps certainly.


Improve your concentration to design eye-catching websites to make your customers glance at your website for a while. Let us sight a shocking report for a poor website design.

As per TechPriceCrunch report, 64% of users will leave a site immediately if it's designed badly.

Now, We will suggest an important way to improve website Design. Click the drop-down menu, and search for features, Select Informative header and footer, that links homepage to product pages.

Select appealing colors for background display and thus you can improve the design for your website.

Now, also understand the website speed plays a major role in retaining loyal customers. You have to work technically to sustain website speed. And if your website does not load within 3 seconds, any customer will have a tendency to shift to an alternative site, also known as the competitor's site.

Smartstorez customizes the design and layout of your Multi-store E-commerce Platform to match your business needs.

Hence, website design and website loading speed undoubtedly play a drastic role in improving your business and brings customers to your website.


Augmented Reality (AR) is an actual boon to the e-commerce website owners and online shopping freaks. AR allows you to sense and smell the products you buy online.

You ask how?

AR technology helps online product buyers to visualize the product in real-time by AR tools available. Utilize AR technology if your website is selling cosmetics , home furniture, watches, apparel, etc to eliminate refunds and improve purchases.


It's a customer behavior to know the delivery status and get updated. Because they can never wait to receive their desired product in their hands. So each customer wants to know about its order status. Like an estimated delivery date, packaging date, shipping status, even delivery boy, and estimated delays (if any). Also, customers like to ensure faster delivery at quite lower rates.

Our Smartstorez drives logistical efficiency by integrating several leading logistics API from your target location.


Themes are important and integral to create your website conversion friendly. Set Themes as a top priority while designing a website. You can choose an ecommerce theme based on,

  • The themes should be Mobile friendly which must be fast to load and provides easy navigation between mobile apps.

  • It must permit Customization of design

  • Comfortable to use for all common man with no necessity of coding

  • Themes should always have a pleasing look, feasible to convert new buyers into regular customers. 


Social commerce makes use of social media platforms like Watsapp, Instagram, and Facebook. Instagram is the current topper of holding the highest number of purchases selling products online. Instagram records a minimum order value of $55 compared to other social media platforms.

Here are 3 advantages of opting for social commerce

  • It modifies active social media buyers into customers

  • Social commerce easily increases your customer base and followers

  • Your e-commerce site visitors will be easily increased because they get attracted by the posts you post for your products.

So, get started to attract your regular followers by selling on top 3 social media i.e. Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.


Any customers will plan for an easier payment option. A research report by Sleeknote said that the average cart abandoment rate is 69.66% in all commercial industries. And the lack of payment gateways are the major reason for cart abandonment and the customer's psychology behind departing earlier are-

  • They find COD as the protective way since they are cautious about spending money before receiving the order. They are careful in checking the product received is the exact product they ordered.

  • They are looking for all payment gateways because everyone might not hold all kinds of payment options. 

SmartStorez also supports dozens of other payment gateways like Paypal, Cashfree, Stripe, and many more if you need something different.


The majority of online shoppers buy from a standard brand that focuses on delivering personalized shopping experiences to them. Ecommerce owners can personalize through 3 ways.

  • Notify product recommendation (also called cross-selling and upselling) on your website for customer views.

  • There will be certain people who have come to your website but left out without buying anything. Target them by filtering and show remarketing ads to them.

  • Send knowledgeable emails or push notifications about cart abandonment, price drop alert, latest offers on wishlist products, sales announcement, etc to that group of people.

Smartstorez allows the personalization of your buying experience through unified notifications and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Once customers make an order, retailers and business people must take strategies to deliver the goods and services (products) as quickly as possible. This is indeed pressured on retailers but this the place where Headless e-Commerce will help. Headless e-commerce allows businesses to keep track of backend systems like CMS, Inventory, Customer Relationship Management system(CRM), and payment processing. They are separate from frontend requirements.

Get benefited by our Smartstorez integrating inventory API to know the availability of a product in the different merchants of the marketplace platform.


We know Customers are the kings who rule the business. Customers can buy in any channel, at any time, and on any device. They usually demand a large variety of options while buying.

Omnichannel enables retailers to give flexible order implementation options to buyers to ship from a nearby store, buy online in-store. Thus, by this conversion mode of offline stores and suppliers into distribution centers, you can minimize the high operating cost of maintaining inventory.

With Smartstorez you can optimize customer experiences on multiple channels and devices. Hence, you can increase the customer retention rate with an optimistic omnichannel experience. 


These are the latest e-commerce trends that will be top-notch in this year 2021. So when you end your days, make sure you communicate the above strategies to your team. Teamwork on the above trends takes you high to improve your business and guides you for niche products to sell online.

Here is a list of quick action you need to take - Summarising the above B2B E-commerce Trends in short here,

  • Visit your e-commerce website using mobile to examine mobile-friendliness

  • Browsing from both your mobile and desktop and check the website view and design and website loading speed

  • If visitors leave your site too early by not making purchases, then immediately change the theme into something appealing.

  • Incorporate multiple shipping solutions to your website to make your customers feel comfortable in your business.

  • Also, implement multiple payment methods for your customers. Because each customers is preferred to use unique payment gateways so that you can adjust accordingly

  • Read and understand your eligibility criteria on social media platforms to sell on Instagram or Facebook.

  • Opt for headless commerce with no hesitation to give a rocking customer experience on multiple channels and devices.