Ecommerce Software Offers Membership With One Time Payment

Ecommerce Software Offers Membership With One Time Payment

Smart Storez is a fully customizable multi-vendor marketplace software provider which creates online services where unlimited vendors can sell their products.

                                    Smart Storez provides scalable services, for such you can pay once and they offer their service for eternity! For people who want to build or grow their eCommerce business, Smart Storez is the one-stop destination. With unlimited third-party API integrations, multiple payment gateways, native mobile apps, free installation and support with a rock-solid branding strategy, “Smart Storez” is all you need to start your journey in the E-Commerce business.


                                       Because of the COVID 19 Pandemic lockdown situation people changed from physical shopping method to the most convenient online shopping method. It created a boom in the E-Commerce industry and paved the way for an extended business called "Online business or E-Commerce business".

            The motive of this is to make the vendor connect with people all around the world to increase the traffic to his business. For such profit to be gained in one’s business, you need to have a top-notch E-Commerce software provider who creates all the facilities with the insight of past, present and future in mind. Here comes the best solution for such a struggle in finding the best provider. "SMART STOREZ".  From luxury goods to necessities, Smart Storez offers its service to everyone.


                                       Smart Storez helps vendors to create their online marketplace like Amazon, Etsy, eBay etc., where they can sell their products without any hardships globally. Either you are a small-scale business or a big business tycoon, they provide their services in all ranges and create software from scratch for you. Smart Storez is a multi-vendor marketplace software creator where many vendors can sell their products on a common storefront that also offers high customer returning marketing strategies.

             The vendor can customize the design and layout of their platform according to their needs or based on the products they are aimed to sell on that platform by using the latest UI/UX designs. Smart Storez provide free installation services and 24*7 customer support. Smart Storez is well known for its search engine friendly software creation where they provide HTTPS support, meta tags implementation, keyword incorporated URLs, electronic device friendly fast loading websites with valuable content.

               The software created by them furnishes insights on comprehensive statistics and reports, configurable vendor commissions, adaptive payments, sales boosters, separate vendor panels and many more. The admin dashboard gives full authority to the admin for governing the entire marketplace.


Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’.

It’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic’.

  • Adam Audette.

                                       The product catalogue system makes sellers add their products easily on the site and start their sales at the earliest. This helps to sort and integrate the products data into a single catalogue for both buyer and seller. The admin can also reject the product if it doesn't come under the selling product criteria.

            The product review management allows the admin and seller to get feedback on their products directly from the buyers and also allows the admin to remove the restricted comments. This also gives buyers a chance to assess the product and write a statement about the product exactly on that product page.

                                        The sellers can sell unlimited products by uploading the products on site which is a very simple task. The track inventory system immediately alerts the vendor about the product is about to go out of stock and details about products in stock, damaged products, returned products, rejected products and on-hold products. This system helps the seller to maintain a good relationship with the customers by providing the products without any delay in distribution by monitoring and maintaining products in stock.

                                       The Smart Storez helps to get immediate reports and statistics on sales which helps to increase the production of bestselling products and improve the quality of ordinary products. The SEO settings provided by them are easy to use which enables them to add descriptions, images, rewrite URLs, content optimization etc where the admin can update the content of their page according to the trends without any haziness.

             They also pave a red-carpet way for buyers with facilities like seamless shopping experience with customized interactions, high secure single page checkout method with details about cart items, billing and shipping details and payment info, multi-lingual support, easy checkout and delayed vendor pay-outs which aids in releasing money in the supply chain.


                                       The marketplaces created with Smart Stores have multiple facilities like rewarding customers for every referral and signing up by giving some discounts and cashback offers on their orders. The easy wallet management for cashless transactions where you can track your payment with minimized risk while using. Responsive design which works on different devices with different screen sizes from mobile phones to big projector screens and many.

             Order management governing every order from placement, tracking to dispatching the item. The multilingual functionality for global buyers where they can choose the language of their easiness. The multi-currency facility provides EMI facilities, customized discount coupons and many more which will help in alluring numerous new customers.

              The product zoom in functionality allows the buyer to see the products in the zoomed version where one can see even the minute details of the product without any strain to the eyes. It also allows the customer to sight the product from different angles for a clearer view. The more detailed the product, the more customers will buy it. With this feature, you can add the zoom option as you need.




                                       The Smart Storez provide their services in Web Application Development, mobile application development, e-commerce development, graphic designing, digital marketing and animation. They provide their solutions at very affordable prices in the market. You can book your demo for your software with them for a trial experience.

             With many more services in their bag, Smart Storez is the best choice for your E-commerce Software creation. In B2B (BUSINESS TO BUSINESS SERVICES) large purchases are made with high calculated and rational buying decisions among businesses. In B2C (BUSINESS TO CUSTOMERS SERVICES) small purchases are made with immediate results and gratification. But in Smart Storez, they provide groundbreaking service with both the B2B and B2C embedded in their software results in higher profit result. Many hesitate to move their business online because of the fear of cost. But in Smart Storez, they provide their services at a fair cost. So why wait for creating your own ECom platform when "Smartstorez" is there.!